Bi-directional separation drum

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Product description

The general purpose of a bi-directional separation drum is to disassemble mixed materials with a different specific weight. And this in an economical and simple mechanical way.

Due to its robust and compact construction, the separation system is easy to operate. The pictured model is a bi-directional separator. The introduced mixed fraction is, depending on their specific weight, split into two fractions. Both of these fractions are individually released at both sides of the unit for further processing.

When designing this Dense Medium Separator particular attention was paid to the functionality of the machine. Typically separation devices that work with heavy-mediums or dense medium, want to simplify the medium circuit as much as possible. Special attention was paid to an optimal line circuit for the insertion and recovery of Dense Medium fluid. A major point of interest is the way in which the flow of material is introduced into the separation bath. The inflow of material is done by means of a vibrating trough. This ensures that the material is fed to the separation bath uniformly and with a constant feed rate.

By presenting material in the separation bath in a correct manner, possible errors are ruled out in the separation process.

Because of the well thought-out design of the bi-directional separation drum, an optimal separation process is achieved. The number of moving parts is limited to the strict minimum, resulting in a minimum of maintenance and wear.

This technology can be applied wherever a separation of mixed products is required. The only condition is that the products have a sufficiently different specific weight.