Drum sieve

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Product description

Sieving into fractions is essential for the proper functioning of many recycling processes. The drum sieve offers a simple and reliable solution to sort material to a predetermined size. Due to its simplicity, the drum screen can easily handle large volumes of material. Many different models are possible.

Factors that determine the structure of the sieve drum are, a.o., the throughput, the size of the screen opening, the number of screening steps, the diameter and length of the drum. These factors are determined by the input material, the desired tonnage and number of sieve fractions. Depending on the number of sieve fractions, hoppers and conveyors are provided. As an additional advantage, the chassis of the drum sieve can be made so that the panels with the screen openings are interchangeable. The customer’s wish is key here.

The drum is available in a round or hexagonal version. Due to the angled shape of the hexagonal sieve, materials which have been entwined, are untangled and presented to the screening surface again.

Due to the stringent requirements imposed on the environment, a sieve drum is usually provided with a sound and dustproof casing.

The scope of a sieve drum is very varied. Going from the sifting of rubble and compost to the calibration of carrots. Sieve drums can be found in every branch of industry.

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