Drum washer

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Product description

With our drum washer we wash products in a rotating horizontal drum. Often, the importance of properly rinsing and washing is underestimated. For this purpose we have developed a multi-stage washing drum. This machine is based on the cascading system; Reusing the washing water in a system of washing and dewatering. By recirculating the washing water we get a maximal washing effect with minimal water usage. This makes this machine a cost effective solution. The washing drums can be used in different stadia of the production process. In many cases, prewashing the product is essential. This machine can also be used as a prewashing installation.

While the drum spins, the products rub together. This way, dirt and other contaminations are removed. When this is done long enough, with a sufficient amount of water, we become a nicely cleaned product.

Different types of drums are available, depending on the product, the size, the volume and the nature of the contamination. We can offer additional product outlets and conveyors depending on the number of washing steps. Washing drums are very common and are used in many different sectors, ranging from vegetable processing to the handling of debris.