Non ferrous dry Eddy current separation

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Product description

In the scrap processing industrie, in order to make a separation between non-magnetic and inert material, eddy current separation is often used. The material is deposited on a vibrating trough, and then falls on a fast moving conveyor belt. Nicely spread out material reaches the processing unit. An eddy current separator consists of a fast rotating rotor on which magnets are attached. These magnets are alternately mounted. Around this rapidly spinning rotor, is a low-speed non-metallic conveyor belt. In the conductive metal particles on the conveyor belt, an induction current is generated as soon as they go over the rotor magnet. The current flows around (as a vortex or eddy) in the metallic particle. The induced current generates a secondary magnetic field so that the particle is repelled when it enters the magnetic field of the rotor. This makes it jumps out of the material flow. To obtain a smooth operation, it is best to work in fractions.

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