Feed hopper

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Product description

A correct dimensioning of the feed hopper with rubber belt is crucial for the correct operation of the following processes. Improper supply of products has major implications and disrupts the proper functioning. Effects can be congestion, irregular operation, as well as the under utilization of the installation and consequently a drastic loss of efficiency.


Feed hopper with rubber belt

In order to avoid perforations and tearing of the rubber during the loading and operation, this type of hopper is offered with an extra heavy-duty rubber belt. The entire length of the belt is supported by rollers.

Feed hopper with vibrating trough

This model is particularly suitable for the handling of non-adhesive products. Due to the shaking movements, the material travels to the discharge opening of the hopper.

Feed hopper with chain conveyor

The chain conveyor consists of steel slabs, which are bolted together. This is an extra heavy duty design. The entire chain is supported by sliding blocks. The leveling screws on the output side of the bunker have been specially developed for “Auto Scrap Residue” (ASR) and ensure a smooth discharge of the product.

Special features

  • Feed hoppers can be easily integrated in any installation thanks to their compact design.
  • The drive is provided by an electric motor with an angled gearbox, if necessary, an epicyclic gearbox or a hydraulic drive is placed.
  • The adjustable support legs make it possible to change the discharge-height of the feed hopper.
  • On the discharge side, an adjustable valve is mounted, in order to have control on the amount of material exiting the trough.
  • The relatively low, elongated design of the feed hopper makes it possible to load it easily by means of a bucket loader.
  • A grid at the top of the bunker can prevent long or oversized objects from getting into the feed hopper. This grid can be fixed to the hopper, or can be made tiltable by means of a hydraulic system.