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Product description

A homogenizer is particularly suited to produce sauces and the like. The new knife aggregate 159 M is adjustable, so that we have two different treatments. It allows for homogenizing and mixing, depending on the position of the knife aggregate. Because of this, it’s possible to make a homogeneous substance in only one process. Chunky elements can be added afterwards. Machines that are equipped with the adjustable knife aggregate are very suitable to mix, stir, spread and homogenize anything from liquid to strongly viscous products.

Technical information:

  • Tank content: from 200 l up to 600 l
  • Batch size: from 150 l up to 500 l
  • Capacity: from 400 l/min up to 600 l/min
  • Power knife aggregate: 9/11 up to 22 kW
  • Power vacuum pump: 0,75 kW
  • Power of the product scraper: 0,37 kW
  • Actuator power: 0,5 kW
  • Speed of the mixing installation: 1.500 up to 3.000 turns/min
  • Sound level: 70 dB
  • Weight: from 150 kg up to 910 kg

With this homogenizer it is possible to produce sauces of all quality levels, like mayonnaise, ketchup, piquant sauces, dressings and soups. The ingredients are added separately and directly in the product reservoir by means of a side funnel.

The product circulates between the product reservoir and the knife aggregate until it has reached the desired thickness. Then the product is pumped out of the machine. The models 159 C and 159 G offer the option to create a vacuum in the product reservoir. The advantage is that the product is constantly ventilated and has a longer tenability. The product is also better protected against oxidation and discoloration.

For special assignments, the 159 CVT is available. This model is equipped with a double-walled funnel. The product can be heated by steam or cooled with ice water.