Pallet tipper

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Product Description

The pallet tipper was constructed to tip or tilt crates and pallet boxes (pallets with 3 sides), to empty their content into the following processing machine. The tipping installation has a fixed frame on which the tipping platform rests. The platform is tipped by a hydraulic telescope cylinder. It is also equipped with a funnel and bars that fixate the pallet during the tipping process. Inductive sensors detect the presence and correct position of the pallet; When no pallet is detected, the tipper will not start. To avoid the machine from keeling over, the maximum tipping angle is set at 70°. The tipping speed is 30 mm/s going up. The descending speed can be regulated, but will always be smaller than 125 mm/min.

A fixed security screen is placed around the tipper. The screen has two access points, the point where the fork-lift truck can load the pallets onto the machine, and the discharge opening where the product is tipped. These openings are guarded with safety light curtains. When the light curtain of the loading zone is interupted, the moving parts of the tipper stops moving and the light curtain of the discharging zone is activated. If the curtain of the discharging zone is also interrupted the following processing machine is stopped. A fork-lift stop is placed in front of the machine to keep fork-lifts from getting to close and hitting the machine when loading. The control panel is placed outside of the safety screens. Security lights show the status of the machine.

The pallet tipper works as follows:

  • With the aid of a fork-lift truck, the operator places a pallet box in the tilting table
  • An operator then operates the machine according to the guidelines in operating manual
  • If the sensors detect the presence and correct position of the pallet, the table will initiate the tilting movement and tilt until an angle of 70° is reached
  • This allows the product to fall from the pallet and the operator can start a new cycle