Sand bag filling machine

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Product description

Large model

The sand bag filling machine is designed by Spiessens to automatically fill jute bags with sand. The sand is dumped into a bunker and transported to the filling station. Here, a bag is clutched and filled with sand. After that, the bag is guided to the sewing machine, where the bag is closed up. The closed bag is then transported to a container or other storage facility. This large model of the machine is mounted on a container for ease of transport.

  • Bunker capacity: 5,5 m³
  • Belt width bunker conveyor: 500mm
  • Belt width sewing conveyor: 400mm
  • Belt width discharge conveyor: 500mm
  • Galvanized frame
  • Capacity: 200 to 300 bags per hour

Smaller model

After the success of the big model, we went a little further and constructed a smaller model of the machine. This small sand bag filling machine is very suited for fire brigades and can be easily deployed at smaller incidents.

It is mounted on a trailer which makes it very mobile. Just like with its big brother, operating the small machine is very straightforward and a large supply of sandbags to be filled in a short period of time.