Storage silo

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Product description

A storage silo makes it possible to store and evenly divide goods. Possible applications are the transport, dosage, the transfer and storing of liquids and bulk goods. If the product allows it, the filling and emptying process can be automated with redlers, screws, conveyer belts and pumps.

Some accesories can help create a good product flow. It’s possible to place a helm, electric vibrators, pneumatic beaters, a double wall or serpentine to cool or heat the product.

On the inside, we can provide a chapel or mats. They avoid a deep fall of the product. Possible extras to the silos can be, among other things, level measurement, sight-glass and all kinds of measure- and weighing systems. You can empty the silo through a round, square or a custom opening.

  • Design: single or double wall
  • Material: stainless steel, steel or zinc
  • Construction: fixed or mobile
  • Shapes: round, square, right-angled or other possibilities