Weighing and dosing systems

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Product description

Often bulk goods need to be packaged in bags, cardboard boxes or trays. To do this we constructed a number of readymade weighing and dosing systems for potatoes, vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, but also dry cakes and confectionery. In the non-food we have lots of experience cement, mortar and even wet and dry concrete.

Batch weigher bulk goods

The batch weigher is developed to weigh different products, like frozen vegetables, frozen fish or frozen shrimps in cardboard boxes or sacks.

  • Capacity: 6 up to 10 portions/min
  • Portion size: 5 up to 20 kg
  • Accuracy: +/- 5 gram (depending on the portion size)
  • Option: Model with capacity up to 20 portions/min
  • The batch weigher is equipped with sturdy loading cells, which are capable of carrying a heavy load

Continuous weighing installation

This system consists in two conveyor belts. The second conveyor is placed on a scale which can be calibrated. The first conveyor places the product on this weighing belt. Before the product reaches the end of the weighing belt, the dosing of the first belt stops and the weight is registered. By adding up all the weights by means of sensors, we know the total weight that passed during a certain time span.

Multihead weighing installation

In a multhead weigher, different weights are captured in a certain amount of cubes. The computer calculates the ideal combination of cubes to attain as close as possible the weight in demand. Especially profitable with products that are hardly divisible, where a lot of product is given away without this combination weigher.

The multihead weigher can be used for a variation of products, including crustacean, vegetables, fruit, pasta, dairy products, poultry, meat, animal food and non-food. Multiple product – and contact surfaces on the weigher assure an unproblematic stream through the weighing process, whether the product is fresh, frozen, dry, sticky or sensitive.

The capacity of Spiessens’ multihead weigher is dependent on the product, the number of canals and the weighing and span size. Capacity of 130 till 325 exact portions/min.

Spiessens offers complete weighing, filling and packaging lines for tins, glass jars, sacks, trays, buckets and so on.

The multihead weigher can be divided into four separate production zones. Consequently, the same weigher can operate as an individual weighing unit for different products or can be used to make exact mixtures of chosen goods (mixed weighing in one machine). Another option is the combination of multiple multihead weighers in one production line, for example for prepacked meals with a fixed weight (a different weight between two or more machines). In this case the last machine is the one that adds product until the desired weight is reached.